Best Holiday Gifts for Toyota Owners

Toyota owners tend to be quite loyal toward their vehicles, not to mention the brand. Their passion is evident whether they’re true car enthusiasts or not, so buying gifts for them during the holiday season can be challenging, yet there are many choices out there. So, what are the best gives for Toyota owners? Turns out, a Toyota dealer in Lancaster, CA like us knows where to find enthusiasts to ask, and we put together this fruitful list.

Best Gifts for Car Lovers

  • Floor Mats: Old, worn mats don’t look so good and can leave the car’s interior vulnerable to damage. A new set is an affordable gift that can help replenish the cabin and make for a refreshing ride.
  • Wiper blades: Every driver needs wiper blades at some point. They’re easy to self-install, too, so there’s no harm in purchasing these as a gift. At least, it’s not going to cost the owner more by visiting a service shop! Just make sure you know the product matches the vehicle.
  • Emergency Roadside Kits:There’s nothing wrong with having jumper cables, lighting, blankets, wound care items, or a convenient set of automotive tools handy, just in case. There is an extensive range of emergency kits and products, as can be seen in this Walmart catalog. One kit includes booster cables, an adjustable wrench, a voltage tester, a tire gauge, an air compressor, a life hammer, and even a help flag.
  • Jump Starter: Jumper cables aren’t the only things that can jump start your ride. They don’t do any good, anyway, unless there’s another vehicle to draw power from. A portable, self-contained device integrates a flashlight and battery pack and is capable of providing just the right power boost to get started.
  • Car Organizers: Drivers often keep lots of things in their cars. After a while, a Toyota in Lancaster can look like a hoarder’s paradise. A car organizer can fix the problem and is one of the most functional car accessories you can buy.
  • Air Fresheners: Who couldn’t use an air freshener in their car? Foul odors can plague the interior after hours of use, but most of these products last for quite a while. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to find. Most auto supply stores and car washes have them in stock.
  • Flashlight:An LED flashlight is not only long-lasting and bright. It’s convenient, and models such as the Streamlight 51046 can operate for 50,000 hours while being impervious to shock. It can take falls, as well. There are UV LEDs, too, which help spot oil and other fluid leaks.
  • Steering Wheel Cover: A rubber molding will keep your hands warm. This is a great gift for anyone who could use an extra grip. Top-of-the-line materials can keep the wheel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing for instant comfort as soon as they get behind the wheel.
  • Car Seat Protector: Lots of car lovers travel with their dogs. Why not get them a protective seat cover that holds up to plenty of abuse? Heat-resistant, color-safe, and practically impenetrable, these covers prevent scratches and pet stains on car seats while your dog enjoys the ride.
  • Care Kits:·Every automobile needs a little TLC. Why not wrap it all into one gift? Products such as theAuto Care Crate from Man Crates isn’t model-specific. You can use it on any car; a car wash nozzle, collapsible water bucket, cleanser, and scrubbing mitt are included in the package. You could consider complete mechanics tool sets, as well; some include hundreds of parts, including wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers.
  • Car Mount Holder: A phone holder is an ideal gift for someone who needs to stay in touch while on the go. Some models use a suction cup; others attach to an air vent. The ability to point in any direction is convenient, while the phone stays locked in.
  • Dash Cam: Dashboard cameras have made inroads for many reasons. They are great for recording road trips and even potential future accidents. Any cool video or odd encounter on the road or a driver’s conversation with themselves can be captured and even put on their favorite social media website!

Other Gifts for New Car Owners

Toyota of Lancaster offers products that work well as gifts—but don’t forget how our services benefit customers on any day of the year. If someone you know is considering a new car purchase, researching dealerships can help illuminate some thoughtful ideas. Perhaps they’re considering leasing. Holiday lease specials are available now and, for those looking for a Lancaster Toyota, CA has many choices, so you would not want to overlook leasing deals to bring to a potential buyer’s attention.

An oil change may not seem like the ideal gift idea, but it’s one of the most important things one can do for an automobile. Toyota of Lancaster includes it in their regular automotive service. Here, we use low-viscosity 0W-20 oil to boost fuel economy and engine performance. The benefits include cost-effectiveness; despite being more expensive up front, synthetic oil saves owners money in the long run. It also saves as much as $36 per 10,000 miles on gasoline, assuming a vehicle gets 20 miles to the gallon.

Then, again, our dealership offers the major parts every vehicle owner eventually needs. Tires, brakes, batteries, and engine, cabin, and oil filters all need servicing and replacement at some point. These aren’t bad gifts to consider. They’re easy to obtain, as well. All you need to do is fill out our Parts Request form online to start your order.

You could save quite a bit on practical automotive gifts. Whether it’s Lancaster or a Toyota Palmdale drivers cherish, parts and service specials are available and include a percent off or special pricing on select parts, or on brake service, wheel alignments, or standard maintenance services. There’s no better time than the holidays to look for such cost-saving specials and deals.

However, the options don’t end there. Here are some other thoughtful ideas for a car enthusiast and anyone who cherishes their time driving a Toyota:

  • Gift Card: If the recipient seems to have everything, or you’re out of ideas, a gift card should go over quite well. Dealership-based cards can often be used for anything, from coffee mugs and hats to an oil change. Inquiring with a dealer may be worthwhile.
  • LEGOs: The brick building sets have pleased people of all ages, even entire families. There’s nothing like starting a Christmas morning putting together a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Volkswagen Beetle, or Ferrari F40. Or, how about a Caterham Seven 620R? That’s hours of fun, and car lovers get to combine their passion with play time.
  • Die Cast Car Model: If you have a limited budget, a model is a practical and thoughtful gift. Assembling the model is some quality time well spent. Don’t forget to pick up some glue and paint while you’re at it.
  • Wood Models: Wooden cars are more suited for younger family members, but they are great for helping them explore their passion for automobiles, their creativity, and their knack for building.
  • Key Finder: With the Tile Mate Key Finder, misplacing keys is a thing of the past. At first, it looks like a simple key ring attachment. The small device uses Bluetooth to sync to smartphones and can be tracked via GPS using a dedicated mobile app. Keys can be located by simply looking on a map.
  • Leather Gloves: If driving is more of a sport than an obligation, vintage-looking leather gloves are not necessarily an expensive gift, but one a car lover can appreciate.
  • Speedometer Cufflinks: They don’t actually report a car’s speed, but the cufflinks can be used with professional attire, so enthusiasts can express their passion even at work.
  • GPS System: Most smartphones have GPS map applications. However, a dedicated GPS unit offers full functionality with detailed directions and traffic updates. It can even show where to stop for food or gas. There’s nothing like the convenience of a dash or windshield-mounted screen, right where you can see it, and turn-by-turn directions on unfamiliar roads.
  • Engine Block Coffee Table: Perfect for a garage or man cave, a table supported by an engine block is the coolest thing for someone who’s just as passionate about cars as the love in their life. It’s not cheap, but pretty darn cool—and, it never needs Toyota service in Lancaster, CA!

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These ideas represent just a select sampling of gifts for a new car driver or someone who’s not eager to give up their ride anytime soon. For assistance with new or used cars, leasing, service, or parts, the Antelope Valley is well-served.Toyota of Lancaster AV has an extensive inventory and a dedicated professional staff in its sales, service, and parts departments. Call our sales team at 855-660-7659 for help finding vehicles, parts, or specials this holiday season.







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