Credit 101: Rate Yourself

Rate Yourself

Here's a guide to help determine your credit rating:

  • Excellent
I have a long, established, positive credit history. FICO score 720 and above.

  • Great
I use my credit wisely and never miss a payment. FICO score 690-719.

  • Very Good
I have a positive credit history with no recent late payments. FICO score 670-689.

  • Good
I am responsible with my credit and usually make my payments on time. FICO score 650-669.

  • Fair
I try to be responsible with my credit but have had some recent credit challenges. FICO score 630-649.

  • Poor
I have a number of issues with my credit. FICO score 610-629.

  • Very Poor
I have significant credit issues or have only very recently established credit. FICO score 580-609.

  • Extremely Poor
I have an extremely poor credit history or I have no credit history at all. FICO score 579 and below.

Based on your answers, our Payment Estimator can provide you with an estimate of the terms you may receive through the dealership. However, these estimates are provided for illustrative purposes only, are all based on averages and they can at best only give you a ballpark figure. Many variables, including current market rates, your credit history and down payment will affect your final terms. So while you'll have a good idea of how much you'll be paying, keep in mind as you enter the dealership that it's not the final word on your credit. Toyota of Lancaster can help you figure out a plan that's right for you. Your terms will be agreed upon by you and your dealer.


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