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Toyota Extra Care...Backed by the Strength & Stability of Toyota.

Toyota Extra CareThe Toyota Auto Care Classic prepaid maintenance program offers convenience and value while helping you keep your vehicle performing at its best. Prepaying for your vehicle's regularly schedule maintenance gives  you the peace of mind of knowing that you are insulated from the rising  cost of covered service. You will also have confidence in knowing the  maintenance is  performed by skilled technicians.  


You will receive a prepaid maintenance package that fits conveniently in your glove compartment. When you take your vehicle in for its schedule service,  simply present our Classic coverage service certificate to your participating  dealer service representative. Your Toyota-trained technician already knows what is covered under your plan, which can save you time whenever your bring your vehicle in for service.


Approximately 30 days prior to your scheduled service, you will receive a service reminder based on your individual driving characteristics. 


At the end of the plan term, you will receive a Computerized Service History of the covered maintenance performed on your vehicle, which can help maximize your vehicle's resale value.

The following services will be performed at each scheduled visit1:

  • Oil & Filter Change2
  • Multi-Point Inspection, that can include: 

 Fluids Inspected & Replenished Visual Inspection Of
 Brake Master Cylinder
 Air Filter
 Clutch Master Cylinder System Hoses (Cracking/Leaks)
 Transmission Drive Belts (Cracking/Damage/Wear) 
 Differential Axle Boots (Damage/Leaks)
 Coolant Shock Absorbers/Suspension
 Windshield Washer PCV Value (If Applicable)
 Power-Steering Cooling System
 Transfer Case (Applicable Vehicles) Exhaust System/Muffler
  Tire Wear
  Tire Pressure Check & Adjustment
  Windshield Wipers 

The multi-point inspection of critical components in your vehicle can save you money by identifying potential problems, such as excessive wear. Early detection can reduce the possibility of a part failure.


Classic coverage also provides you with 24-hour roadside assistance for the full term of your Agreement (included with most plans).

 Full-Term Coverage Includes:3
 Lockout ProtectionFluid Delivery 
 Flat Tire ChangesTowing for Mechanical Breakdown & Collision Recovery 
 Jump Starts 


Plans are available to meet both your driving needs and the recommendations outlined in your vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance Guide.4

 1 Year / 15,000 Miles 53 Years / 40,000 Miles 5
 2 Years / 25,000 Miles 54 Years / 55,000 Miles 5

Collection of Toyota cars 

    1 Additional services may be recommended by your servicing dealer. These additional services are not covered by your Agreement and are your responsibility
    2 The use of a synthetic grade engine oil may be indicated for your vehicle. Synthetic oil and  filter changes may be required less often. Consult your vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance Guide for     factory-recommended oil grade and service intervals. 2006 model year and later Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles are not eligible for 7,500 mile interval plans.
    3 Maximum $100 per occurrence, does not include parts & fluids.
    4 Additional plans may be available for 3,000 Mile and 7,500 mile service intervals.
    5 Whichever comes first.
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